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PS3 hacker Geohot’s PC to be seized

Sony PlayStation 3

Two weeks ago, Sony filed a lawsuit against Geohot, a hacker who managed to jailbreak the Playstation 3 game console. And the court has ordered the seizure of the hacker’s PC.

While 21-year old George Francis Hotz (or Geohot in the hacking world) has made a name for himself when he managed to jailbreak the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) game console, the fame does not come cheaply. In early January, Geohot showed a demo of running homebrew applications on PS3 firmware 3.55 without using any jailbreak usb dongles, based on the discovery of the security exploit by the fail0verflow team. This led Sony to file a lawsuit against the hacker around two weeks ago.

Recently, the federal judge has ordered the hacker to turn over his computers and hard drives, and to stop publishing about rooting the PS3 due to violation of US copyright law. While Sony may look to be a winner in this case, the vulnerability still exists on the game console. The company will have to seriously look into this security flaw or risk seeing the increase in piracy of PS3 games.

Source: The Register

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