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PS Vita will support remote play for all PlayStation 4 titles

Sony has updated their PlayStation 4 website, thereby officially confirming that all PS4 titles will be playable on the PS Vita handheld console thanks to the amazing Remote Play feature.

Back in February, Sony demonstrated their Remote Play feature by playing the PlayStation 4 title "Knack" on the PS Vita. Ever since, gamers have been constantly wondering whether more titles will get this feature or if it was just for demonstration purposes. Well, Sony decided to clear the air with a small (but significant) update to their PS4 website.

The screenshot is from Killzone: Shadow Fall

The single most important line "Play your favorite PS4 games on your PlayStation Vita" clears all doubts. It's official now that every PlayStation 4 title can be remotely played via the PS Vita, and that also makes the handheld console (which has yet to gain much traction) officially cool!

Yes, they're all coming to the PS4. And you can play them via your PS Vita too!

The PlayStation 4 is shaping out to be an excellent next-generation console with powerful hardware, great developer feedback (already), as well as a new IP and strong launch titles (as far as we know now). You can check out more features under development for the PS4 by heading over to their official website.

Source: PS4 US

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