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Promo video for Nokia Lumia 928 shows prowess of xenon flash and advanced speakers

While the entire world believed that Nokia would unveil their new Lumia 928 on May 14 (as the press invites hinted), the new Windows Phone flagship is official, and so here's the first promo video. Let's take a closer look!

Nokia's new Lumia 928 with the 8.7 MP (touted amazing) PureView camera is now official and exclusive to Verizon US (for now). While everybody was expecting a May 14 unveil, we are pushed to think that Nokia has more in store for us in the near future (in this case, it's 3 days away). While that's going on, Nokia decided to continue releasing videos featuring its new Lumia 928 with their first official promo video, so here you go!

The video shows off the new features of the phone. We simply prepared a list of them to make it easier for you to go through:

  • Shooting videos and pictures free of blurring
  • Impressive low light photography and video
  • "Advanced Speakers" that promise a much livelier music experience hands free
  • Fool-proof instructions to capture those perfect panoramic shots
  • Easily edit and share your pictures with your friends and family
  • Smart Shoot – correct errors in a picture (such as sneezes, closed eyes etc.) and use the best face of each subject for a picture
  • Remove unwanted objects from an image after it has been shot
  • Nokia HERE City Lens with Augmented Reality
  • Nokia HERE City Drive, promising the fastest route from point A to B

Smart Shoot looks to be a particularly useful feature for taking burst shots so as to allow the user to simply choose the best looking face of the subjects in the photo. Removing unwanted objects from an image after it was shot reminds us of the new camera features in Samsung's Galaxy S4. The Lumia 928 is shaping up to be an amazing mid range device (mid range as it costs $99 on contract). Of course you get NFC and Wireless Charging capability along with it. However, we still feel that there's something lacking in the device. 

What's new with the Lumia 928:

  • AMOLED Display
  • Improved Camera
  • Improved Speakers
  • Lighter than the Lumia 920

Despite this, the new Lumia 928 packs a thicker body (yes, at 11.2 mm), has the same old Snapdragon S4 chipset as the Lumia 920, is taller and still doesn't pack a microSD card slot (not that we're complaining with 32 GB of internal storage). The new Lumia 928 feels more like a necessary evolution than the revolution that the Lumia 920 was when it was originally introduced last year. Oh well, all hope isn't lost yet as Nokia still has another chance to wow us all on the 14th. Mark your calendars!

Source: MyNokiaBlog

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