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Prominent security reporter-researcher gets the gift of heroin from cybercrime forum admin

Brian Krebs, an investigative journalist who covers the murky world of cyber-crime, is used to being trolled. Recently a merry band of thieves from a secretive Russian fraud forum decided to order him some heroin from the drugs and gun bazaar Silk Road, then tip off police to the incoming drugs.


Brian Krebs has a lot of fans. Fans of Krebs, a former Washington Post investigative reporter turned full time cyber security blogger, tend to show their affection for his work in rather unorthodox ways.

Some pre-pay his cable bill for years using stolen credit cards. Others donate to his blog using hacked PayPal accounts. One particularly brazen fan “swatted” Krebs’ home in March, resulting in his county’s SWAT team arresting him in his home at gunpoint (Krebs had warned the department that he may be a target of swatting earlier).

Earlier in July his fans decided to take it to a new level by sending Krebs a powdery gift in the mail: heroin. On thecc.bz, a Russian forum where users exchange peddle in all aspects of financial fraud from stolen credit cards to social security numbers, a group led by administrator Flycracker got together enough Bitcoins to order Krebs some heroin from the drugs and guns bazaar Silk Road.

“Guys, it became known recently that Brian Krebs is a heroin addict and he desperately needs the smack, so we have started the “Helping Brian Fund”, and shortly we will create a bitcoin wallet called “Drugs for Krebs” which we will use to buy him the purest heroin on the Silk Road,” Flycracker wrote.”My friends, his withdrawal is very bad, let’s join forces to help the guy! We will save Brian from the acute heroin withdrawal and the world will get slightly better!”


Philanthropy it was not. The next part of Flycracker’s plan was to pose as a neighbor of Krebs and complain to police about a possible drug den next door.

Krebs, however, was one step ahead of them as he monitors the forum with an undercover account. He was able to alert police about the upcoming drug shipment.

Flycracker’s cronies were able to raise enough Bitcoins to make the buy, and their ringleader found an apparently reputable — in Silk Road terms — seller named Maestro to deliver the goods.

Maestro lived up to his reputation, and the heroin arrived a day early via USPS. Inside the envelope was a copy of the magazine Chicago Confidential, a bougy weekend magazine from the Chicago Tribune, and taped to the back page of the magazine were thirteen — more than the promised twelve — baggies of heroin.

Krebs says he’s looking into the identity of Flycracker and promises an upcoming post will have the scoop.

Source: Krebs on Security

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