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Prolimatech Samuel 17 CPU Cooler Review

Prolimatech’s Samuel 17 truly is very short and slim. One could very well describe the Samuel 17 as a Lynx placed horizontally; however, the fins of the Samuel are significantly smaller and slightly deeper than those of the Lynx, leaving about 15% of the 120mm fan uncovered and blowing right over the CPU power supply components.

The fins of the Samuel 17 are well made and Prolimatech connected them to each other, granting them high mechanical strength. It is almost impossible for the fins to be bent through everyday handling as that would require a significant amount of force. The fins may be very thin but the space between them is approximately 4 times wider than each single fin width, minimizing noise due to air turbulence.

Six thick 6mm ID heatpipes are moving through the base of the cooler and transfer the heat generated by the CPU to the array of heat dissipation fins floating above the base. The company nickel plated the heatpipes, enhancing the aesthetics of their design but also protecting the soft copper from long term oxidation/corrosion damage.

Prolimatech nickel plated the copper base of the Samuel 17 as well. While the base of the Samuel 17 is smooth, it is not polished down to a true mirror finish.  

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