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Prolimatech Panther CPU Cooler Review

The installation of the Panther is rather straightforward for a tower cooler; however, due to the size and weight of the cooler, some extra attention and time is required. The cooler can be installed without removing the motherboard if the case has an open motherboard tray, although that will make the process more difficult if handled by a single person. To begin with, the retention backplate needs to be inserted from the rear of the motherboard. Note that the backplate can be inserted only with a specific orientation, as seen in the picture above.

The correct retention braces also need to be secured on the base of the cooler by using the supplied screws and a typical Philips PH2 screwdriver. The user has to make sure that the correct set of braces has been selected and that both braces are facing outwards.

Once the retention braces have been installed and the backplate is in place, the user only has to apply a thin layer of thermal compound on the CPU and place the cooler on it, tightening the provided spring loaded screws. The spring loaded screws can be tightened by hand but we strongly recommend the use of a screwdriver.

Finally, the fan needs to be secured with the provided wire clips. Once the Panther is fully installed, it will certainly dominate the upper part of the motherboard; however, in the case of socket 1155 motherboards which adhere to the Intel design guide, the cooler leaves the RAM slots clear and the users with the option to freely install tall RAM modules. 

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