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Prolimatech Megahalems Revision C CPU Cooler Review

Prolimatech supplies the latest revision of the Megahalems CPU cooler inside a fairly large cardboard box with simplistic but fairly well designed artwork. The most important features of the cooler can be found inscribed around the sides of the box; however shop browsers would have liked a more complete view of the cooler itself.

Inside the box we found the cooler well secured between two thick polystyrene foam pieces and wrapped inside a nylon bag. The bundled items are packed inside a secondary rectangular cardboard box.

The bundle may not be very special but it certainly comes well presented. The company supplies a rather basic installation manual, a large case sticker with the company logo, a tube of high quality thermal compound, wire clips for the cooling fans and mounting hardware for the installation of the cooler on every modern consumer CPU socket.

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