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Prolimatech Armageddon CPU Cooler Review

Wider yet slimmer, will the successor to the highly popular Megahalems be able to pull an upset over Thermalright again? Will 140mm cooling reign supreme over 120mm?

Questions such as which CPU cooler to get are common on online discussion boards. The Megahalems from Prolimatech, would often appear in the list of suggestions by fellow enthusiasts.

When Prolimatech first burst onto the air-cooling scene with its Megahalems CPU cooler, little did the community imagine that it would oust Thermalright’s Ultra-120 Extreme overnight to become the top-performing heatsink when mated with the same fan. While Thermalright scrambled to put together a revised Ultra-120 Extreme that has peforated heatsink plates, Prolimatech in the meantime gained much recognition and popularity.

In early 2010, Thermalright released the Venomous X heatsink, which VR-Zone had reviewed. Although the Ultra-120 Extreme and the Venomous X look somewhat similar, results between the two are worlds apart. In a common single-fan configuration, the Venomous X bested the Megahalems easily.

Prolimatech is not taking this sitting down; the folks rolled out the Armageddon, which stands taller and wider than the Megahalems. 120mm versus 140mm, short and thick versus tall and thin. Will Prolimatech be the champion once again? Join us as we find out.


Unlike the Megahalems, Prolimatech’s Armageddon comes in a pure white box, complete with a fiery font.

The compactness of the box is a giveaway sign that the Armageddon is slimmer than other high-performance heatsinks in the market.


The heatsink’s dimensions and the materials used are printed on the side of the box. The included accessories will only cater for 25mm thick 140mm fans.


The package is neat and tidy. We have the Armageddon heatsink wrapped and protected by foam. All the accessories you need for mounting the heatsink and fan(s) are found inside the long rectangular ‘Accessory Pack’.

Now, where is my 100% brawn?


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