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Product Image Of Elusive Samsung NX100 Surface Online

When Samsung unveiled its world’s first mirror-less interchangeable lens camera complete with a DSLR-grade APS-C sensor, it bridged the gap between DSLRs and high-end compact cameras. And now, it seems that rumours of the NX10’s successor, the NX100, has been proven true with the latest leaked press image showing the camera in all its glory.

Professionals may swear by their DSLRs when it comes to getting a proper camera for photoshoots, but it is hard to not notice the massive advancements taking place in cameras designed for the average Joe or the budding prosumer. And this is where Samsung’s NX100 comes in to show the world once again that size does not necessarily equate to quality, just like how it had previously done with its NX10 mirror-less interchangeable lens camera.

While its existence has not been officially acknowledged by Samsung yet, the latest press image and specifications indicate that the Samsung NX100, when released, will be the world’s smallest mirror-less interchangeable. The camera measures 120.5 x 71 x 34.5mm (W x H x D) and reportedly weighs a mere 282g, making it the lightest of such camera as well. The press image also shows the NX100 being bundled with a new 20-50mm lens which lacks OIS.

However. it appears that Samsung had to make some compromises to get the NX100 down to that size. For starters, the NX100 is conveniently missing a built-in flash, and the dial used for setting shutter speeds and exposure appears to have been shrunk down in size.

Unfortunately, there is no information as to whether Samsung will retain the APS-C sensor used in both its NX10 and the Sony NEX-series, or opt for the Micro Four Thirds sensor size instead.

Interestingly, it seems that Engadget has confirmed the existence of a white-coloured variant of the NX100, which suggests that the NX100 will be available in the same colors as its predecessor, the NX10. 

Source: DPReview via Electronista, Engadget

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