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President Obama: “Games can fuel tech innovations”

During his "Fireside Hangout" via Google Plus, President Obama has recently stated that he believes gaming can fuel technology, citing Mark Zuckerberg as an example.

Pretty much everyone in the United States is aware of President Obama's recent State of the Union speech, yet his first Fireside Hangout on Google+ also revealed some interesting tidbits: how Obama believes games can fuel tech innovations.

During his session on Google+ President Obama answered questions submitted by the more geeky and tech-savvy crowd, and during the Q&A Obama suggested that gaming can help today's youth by sparking an interest in the field, which may lead to more groundbreaking individuals and innovations in technology.

"Look at Mark Zuckerberg," Obama began

"I was sitting next to him at dinner a couple of years ago, and he said he taught himself programming primarily because he was interested in games. If we set programs in high schools that engage kids because they get it, they won’t be just sitting there slouching in back of rooms while someone is lecturing.

"Given how pervasive computers and the internet is now, how integral it is in our economy, and how fascinated kids are with it, I want to make sure they actually know how to produce stuff and not simply consume stuff," he continued.

While Obama hasn't given any specific plans for these programs, it is interesting to see the President of the United States attribute positivity to gaming, especially during the recent purported link to violence and video games. For President Obama's full Fireside Hangout session please see the video below.

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