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Premature Best Buy listing outs Moto 360 price and near-complete list of features

After gathering numerous bleak pricing hints in regards to the unveiled-but-not-yet-released Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch, it comes as a very nice last-minute surprise that the Android Wear timepiece is officially listed at a palatable $250.

Moto 360

Still likely a few weeks away from a commercial launch, the hotly anticipated Moto 360 has just been exposed by Best Buy. As in almost fully exposed, because details have been gradually trickling out for months.

The biggest piece of the puzzle however never came into place, until some klutz at BB jumped the gun and listed the round, curvy wearable piece at $249.99. Of course, the page was quickly pulled, but the damage was done, and besides, a rundown of the gizmo’s features is still live.

In it, we find final confirmation of the LCD panel’s size (1.5 inches), and resolution (320 x 290 pixels), resulting in above-par 205 ppi pixel density. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection is also set in stone, but oddly, there’s no mention of the screen’s previously confirmed “always-on” function.

Nor do we get any hint on battery capacity. Wireless charging capabilities aren’t specified either, instead a bizarre 802.11n WiFi support reference suggests the 360 could access the web all on its own, even when not synched to a smartphone.

Moto 360 Best Buy

Don’t get too excited though, typos are common when dealing with these kind of blunders. Unfortunately, that’s probably not the case for the Texas Instruments processor, a pretty weird choice on Motorola’s part when both Samsung and LG have gone the safe Qualcomm Snapdragon route of late.

But hey, we’re guessing a few compromises were mandatory to hit the $250 price point, and the combination of stainless steel and plastic build materials falls in the same category. Overall design remains a winner, especially with water resistance up to 3.3 feet added in the mix.

Then you have the customary assortment of sensors, heart rate monitors, pedometers and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and, last but certainly not least, full compatibility with any and all Android devices running 4.3 Jelly Bean and up. What do you think, is this Android Wear’s first home run? Would you have maybe preferred slightly higher-end features at a less sensible price? Can Apple’s iWatch superiorly nail the costs-quality ratio? Don’t be shy, let your voices be heard.

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