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The card comes with a single-slot cooler, quite impressive for a X1900 level
video card. The cooler is made up of a copper base with very fine copper fins
and does a good job at cooling.

This card does produce quite a bit of heat. The fan on the card spins up
loudly during initial boot-up and slows down after a few seconds as expected.
During 3D applications, it spins up again, but not to the loud speed you hear
during initial boot-up. During 3D gaming you can expect a slight “whoosh” sound
to be audible if you go closer to the card, but nothing too irritating.

If you look at the PCB layout/setup and compare it against a X1900XT ot XTX,
you will find them very close, almost identical, except for the column of FETs
you see above. There are 6 FETs on the X1900GT while the X1900XT has 7 of them.


The same voltage regulator, Volterra V1103MF regulates the voltage for the
X1900GT core, as it does for the X1900XT.

The card with the cooler taken off:

Almost complete resemblance to a X1900XT once again!

Samsung 1.4ns GDDR3 BGA Memory modules onboard, all 8 of them:


And the ATi R580 core, capable of 16 pipe-lines and 48 pixel shaders, but the
X1900GT core comes with 4 pipe-lines switched off and 12 pixel shaders less as a
result. We wonder if the 4 closed pipe-lines are actually full working

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