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PowerColor Radeon X800GTO 16

As a radically different card from the rest of the GTOs we’ve seen from
the retail shelves, we are interested in seeing what PowerColor has done to the
card, making it one of it’s kind. From the looks of it, this card looks exactly
like the slower PowerColor X800GT we’ve seen a while ago, but now with a PCIe
power connector. However, the part number silk screened on the card is similar
to the Powercolor’s X800XL. Of course, as per VR-Zone’s tradition, we’ll bring
you a closer insight on this X800GTO 16:

This is how the card looks like right out of the box. The
heatsink design appears to be the same as the X800GT we’ve reviewed a while ago.
If not for the additional PCIe power connector, one could have mistaken this
card for the X800GT instead.

Here’s how the back of the card looks like. Like the X800GT
also from PowerColor, this GTO 16 comes with a solid bolt and nut fixture for
its heatsink to ensure a tighter fit, and a better contact.

Here’s a closer view of the mounting fixture for the heatsink.
The screws are spring loaded in order to give equal pressure on both
sides to ensure even contact.

The heatsink comes with fairly thick but equally spaced fins
that would assist in heat dissipation. Also, it appears that the yellow VIVO
connector has been removed from the card leaving an empty space beside the PCIe
power connector.

This card comes with Dual DVI connector outputs which is
usually a standard for higher end cards. With such dual DVI configurations,
users can hook up 2 of the latest DVI LCD monitors.

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