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PowerColor Radeon X800GTO 16

The PowerColor X800GTO 16 promises 16 (instead of the normal 12) pixel pipelines straight out of the box while maintaining a retail price similar to most of the other 12 pipes GTOs. VR-Zone takes a closer look at how this card stands against the rest of the competition like the NVIDIA GeForce 6800GS.

In the second half of this year, ATi have been
making waves with numerous new products aimed to recapture market it lost after
their introduction of the X850XT era. Especially in the mid range market, ATi
has created a total void in their product line up, with paper products (X700XT)
, or simply no products at all to address this segment of the market. Come the
2nd half of this year, ATi finally realizes the importance of this massive
market thereby announced a handful of cards specially for this segment, namely
X800GT, X800GTO and the X1600Pro/XT. NVIDIA on the other hand just won’t sit
down and do nothing when competition is concerned, and they have since introduced
the GeForce 6800GS to counter ATi’s efforts in wooing back market.

While the X800GT comes in as a cheaper card, the is
priced just a little lower then the X800GTO. However it comes with lower performance
mainly due to its reduced pipeline and lower clockspeeds which in our opinion
fails to command the price for its performance. With X800GTO and the X1600 family
as the cards
that would address the sub USD$ 200 segment, these cards are usually the choice
for the vast majority of the enthusiast crowd. At a price that most gamers
would normally pay for a graphics card, these cards are targeted at the masses.
Since the X1600 family are still products that aren’t available in the retail
yet, we would shift our
attention on the X800GTO as ATi’s candidate for this segment.

Today, we’ve received a pleasant surprise in our
labs. With a large “16” written on the box itself, the PowerColor Radeon X800GTO
16 has definitely caught our attention. If anyone of you recall, the GTO should
only have 12 active pixel pipelines. Although in our previous article we
demonstrated on our attempt in unlocking the Connect3D X800GTO and had succeeded
with that, such methods remains to be the only ways in achieving 16 pipelines on
the GTO – until today.

We were pretty sure that PowerColor had to be
ambiguous in the inclusion of that “16” on the packaging. However, we were told
that this card actually features 16 active pipelines right out of the box. That
sounded like a good deal, since this might just be the only graphics card that
comes with 16 pipes (right out of the box) at this price range!

The packaging of the PowerColor Radeon X800GTO 16. Does that
exceptionally large “16” tells you something, especially when PowerColor would
usually state the amount of pixel pipelines as part of the specs printed on the

The “official” explanation is actually found on the back of
the box. The “16” in the name actually means PCIe X16. But can it mean something

Here’s a quick specification on this card:

Processing Unit

ATi Radeon
X800GTO (R430)


PCI Express


GDDR3 2.0ns, Samsung K4J55323QF-GC20


16 Pixel


8 Vertex



Core Clock

400 MHz

Memory Clock

980 MHz



Max Resolution

2048 x 1536
@ 85Hz

Rear I/O Ports

2x DVI, 1x
S-Video / TV-Out


1X 6pin
PCIe Power Connector Required

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