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PowerColor Radeon X1800XT

With the card stripped totally bare of its large cooler, this
is how the bare card looks like. A large core in the center, surrounded with 8
memory chips surrounding it.

Here’s a picture of the R520 core found on the card. Unlike
the older X800/X850 family of cards, this R520 has alot more tantalum capacitors
surrounding the 90nm process die. Also, this core made on the 41st week this

Here’s a close up picture of the memory chips onboard this
card. With memory clock speeds running in excess of 1500MHz, card makers need to
put in high speed ram modules like this one pictured. Being of a smaller 136 pin
Lead Free Ball FBGA packaging type, these chips features a break neck latency of
1.25ns – currently the fastest for a consumer gaming graphics card.

An ATi Rage Theater chip could be found on the card. This chip
is responsible for the special VIVO functions and features, which ATi calls it
AVIVO technology. Similar to NVIDIA’s PureVideo technology that provides better
video de-interlacing video quality, AVIVO is ATi’s answer to NVIDIA in this

This is how the massive heatsink looks like when being
dismantled from the card. Taking one full PCI slot, this cooling solution is no
weakling. It comes with a solid copper core, and complete with pink thermal
transfer tapes that would provide better contact between the heatsink and the
memory chips. To top it off, the fins inside the white plastic encasement (with
a fierce Ruby picture), are all made of copper.

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