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Possible leaked screenshot of iOS7 shows off new flat look


Apple rumors continue to heat up with a leak of what is apparently the iOS7 homescreen showcasing the flatter look of the app icons.

As we get closer and closer to WWDC where Apple is expected to reveal their latest update to iOS, among other things, rumors have been popping up all over the place on what to expect.  One constant has always remained was that Jony Ive plans to bring a flatter look to both the apps and the icons for the apps as well.

What we have here appears to be a shot of the latter, and yes, for some reason in the year 2013 people are still leaking blurry pictures of things, which does rouse some suspicion. Regardless, it does look accurate and lines up with rumors quite well. The icons look like they’ve lost the more bubbly and glossy look.


If you can make it out above, the icons definitely look flatter and lose some of that gloss and popping effect. Jony Ive who is now in charge of designing the overall aspect of user interaction with the operating system has always been a proponent for more modern and flat design. It’s expected that his influence will be noticed not only on the apps in the homescreen, but also with the redesigning of specific apps such as the calendar and Game Center.

With WWDC about a week away it won’t be long before the speculation can finally end and everyone can see it for themselves. Until then, blurry shots are better than no shots.

Source: iDownloadBlog Via: Apple Insider

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