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Popular Android browser Dolphin updated to version 10, downloaded over 80 million times

The popular Dolphin browser for Android receives a major update, bring in an updated UI and a HTML5 app store to stick up to the reputation earned by this 80 million+ times downloaded app.

Dolphin browser Android (1)

Dolphin has always been one of the most intuitive and feature packed browsers in the Play Store. With their newest update, the browser (now in version 10), aims to go bigger with a refreshed UI, support for over 60 speed dial tabs (personalized Opera style), and direct access to search engines such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter etc. directly via the URL bar.

Another new feature is the inclusion of the HTML5 app store. This allows you to pin any of the (currently 200 and growing) apps available on the store as your Speed Dial as well as run them within the browser itself (you don’t need to go back to your homescreen). Did we mention, install Adobe Flash via the app and you’re good to watch YouTube videos natively on the browser.

With over 80 million downloads, Dolphin browser continues to go strong. We heartily recommend it to anybody who hasn’t the browser already, after all it’s completely free. Hit the source link to be directed to the store page.

Source: Dolphin, Dolphin browser on the Play Store

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