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Pokemon X and Y will be released worldwide October 12th

Pokemon X and Y continues the nearly two decade long tradition of the famous RPG series, this time on the 3DS. Today, the Pokemon Company announced new features for the upcoming series, outside of the Nintendo Direct conference.


If you’re tired of keeping your Pokemon locked up in your balls, you can now ride them around the new Kalos region to your hearts content. If you like riding around on your Pokemon and want to look your best, you can now customize your character’s hairstyle and clothing with the help of many clothing stores in barbers in the new game.

Pokemon X & Y will also feature the Player Search System which will act as the core of the game’s community functions. The new title will allow you to track your friend, acquaintances, passersby and rivals as you go through your journey to be the best. The relationship can be upgraded as each of you see fit and how much experience you game in the game. You can even choose to add a person as a “true friend”  which can add even more to the communal gaming experience.


The Pokemon Company also spoke of X and Y’s Horde Encounters which may present a greater challenge to even the most skilled Pokemon trainers. The game will have the usual random encounters in the wild, but those horde encounters may include a scenario where you will fight multiple Pokemon at once. This could be helpful for expanding the EXP in your party and even capturing different hordes of Pokemon to trade and share.  The Pokemon Company also announced a new flying Pokemon called Talonflame for the game’s release, as well as a whole new series of Fairy Pokemon, the 18th type in the series.

The game’s release date and features were announced earlier today during  Nintendo’s  E3 conference, which as we know, was via their own video service, Nintendo Direct. The new E3 trailer for the game was released today and can be seen below:

The game will launch worldwide on October 12th and will be localised for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean and Japanese speakers. Nintendo and the Pokemon company definitely have their heart set on this worldwide phenomenom continuing and it looks like they’re on the job.

via IGN

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