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PlayStation 4 video shows off new interface, reveals many more features

A new PlayStation 4 video shows off the next-generation interface and a bunch of other features and tweaks that’s worth checking out.

Sony PlayStation 4

We already knew that Sony will introduce a revamped interface with the PlayStation 4, and for the first time, we have a good look at the same. This new video reveals much related to the PS4 UI to-be.

Low-power state

Quick switching between the dashboard and gameplay without minimal or no load times, much like the PS Vita. Hit the button in the middle of the DualShock controller to jump right back into the game.

Home screen

Neatly arranged, shows a list of your played games and used apps along with tiles that highlight updates to the PS Store. Progress made by your friends in concerned games is also displayed.

Smartphone punch

Users can reply to messages received on their PS account, as well as put new games on download, all from their Smartphone.

There’s much more to discover, and so we urge you to check out the video for yourselves:

I’m really excited about the Sony PlayStation 4. Are you?

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