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Planex Gigabit Network Attach Storage (NAS)

Besides being easy to setup, the Planex NAS-01g provides a simple and affordable
solution for people to back up their important data in a device that is operational
24/7. More stable than an external USB enclosure, Planex created this as a setup
and forget box. You set it up, then you forget that it ever existed. Any maintenance
work can be done through the Web GUI. Heck, even setting it up is simple enough
for those who are not too IT savvy.

Cheap Plastic Feel
Storage that is always on, 24/7
Slower than Specified Network Transfer
Power Supply Not Built In

I would have preferred if Planex had the power supply built
into the casing. True, the NAS device might be bigger, but it will produce less
of a clutter. Also the slow transfer speed might be a point of contention with
those transferring huge multimedia files in the region of several gigabytes
a single file.

With a plethora of storage solutions available in the market,
the Planex NAS-01G is a recommended solution for SOHO and home users who need
to share data without switching on their PCs. The Planex NAS-01G has a Suggested
Retail Price of SGD$ 229/ USD$ 150.

More information about this product can be obtained from their
offical website.

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