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Planex Gigabit Network Attach Storage (NAS)

With a NAS, some factors need to be considered:

  1. If I use this as a NAS, how will this affect my performance?
  2. What is the performance hit compared to using internal
    hard drives?

Thus Two tests will be performed:

  • File Copy Test
    • To provide a rough gauge as to the access speeds
      of the NAS-01G, we will attempt to copy the contents of the Microsoft
      Windows XP SP2 Disc from one hard drive to another, and back again
  • Real World Usage
    • Usage of the NAS as a storage and render drive for
      Video-Editing purposes, with Pinnacle Studio 10.5 Titanium Edition.

We copied the contents of Microsoft Windows XP SP2 from one
hard drive to the NAS, and back to the hard drive. Windows XP SP2 has about
6996 Files, 204 Folders and takes up about 618MB ( 648,905,830
bytes ), as reported by the WinXP Operating System.

AnalogX Netstats Live shows that the bandwidth obtained, using the integrated
Broadcom Gigabit LAN of the Gigabyte GI-975X motherboard yielded a maximum of
12MB/s. There seems to be some serious bottleneck here, as
a connection to my home server, which is utilizing an Intel Pro/1000 integrated
Gigabit network adaptor, yielded a maximum of 27MB/s.

It should be noted that current generation hard drives yield
about 20 – 70MB/s of data throughput.

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