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There are pirates in the Vatican

The developers of Football Manager have released where their games have been pirated most. China is the worst offender, but even the Vatican has a pirate.


The developers of last year’s version of the game Football Manager, hid an interesting secret in the game’s code: When it was cracked on May 12th of this year, it contained a flaw allowing the devs to track the IP address of anyone who pirates a copy of the game. Football Manager boss Miles Jacobson revealed this on stage while speaking at the London Games Conference 2013.

Apparently, a staggering 10.1 million copies of the game were pirated, and Jacobson broke down what countries had the most offenders. China was out in the lead with 3.2 million illegal downloads. Turkey had 1.05 million downloads, and in third place came Portugal with almost 782,000 downloads. Curiously, there’s one country you wouldn’t think had any pirates, but you’d be wrong: Vatican City was listed in Jacobson’s statistics as well. Someone in the Vatican is an internet pirate.


The pope has to have fun too, right?

Jacobson doesn’t believe all those downloads represent lost sales: “That would be ridiculous to think,” he said. His estimates put the losses due to cracking the game at around 176,000 lost sales, or $3.7 million in revenue. Of the pirated copies, 18% of them were played more than five times; and that’s where you’ll need to look to find the actual lost sales.

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