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Pictorial Preview: Biostar TPOWER I45 (Intel P45 Express)

The Biostar TPOWER I45 has copper-coloured aluminium heatsinks over the northbridge, southbridge and PWM.

Good news for users who are interested in some overclocking; the cooling looks up to the mark to handle some heat from the Intel P45 Express chipset and MOSFETs!


A 4-phase PWM feeds power to the processor.



Interestingly, this board makes use of jumpers to manually set the functionality of both PCI Express x16 slots. You can either enable a single PCI Express x16 slot that runs on full x16 width, or you could enable both PCI Express x16 slots but each runs on x8 width.


PCI Express x16 slots are controlled via the use of motherboard jumpers.



 A handy feature that is present on this board is its ability to display CPU temperature on the board itself. Usually LED displays on a motherboard are used to display POST codes and errors, but Biostar has made better use of this two-digit display unit!


Three pairs of SATA ports stacked nicely. A Marvell chip controls the IDE port.



Having a set of power and reset buttons is becoming the norm, so naturally the Biostar has these switches too. There are also three sets of USB 2.0 headers and the standard front I/O headers lined up neatly in one row along the edge of the board. No excuses for poor cable management please!


Power and reset buttons are very handy for users who run an open-concept computer.




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