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PhotoFast GMonster X Drive – CompactFlash / 1.8-inch ZIF / 1.8-inch IDE to USB 3.0 enclosure

Time to dump that USB 2.0 enclosure or adapter of yours? Designed for smaller sized storage devices such as 1.8-inch ZIF or IDE hard disk drives or solid state drives, and even CompactFlash cards, the PhotoFast GMonster X Drive 1.8″ USB 3.0 enclosure makes it easy to transfer large amounts of data in double quick time.

PhotoFast Global Inc. a pioneer in creative, high quality and extreme performance flash-based storage manufacturer, has announced another external enclosure, the PhotoFast GMonster X Drive to add to its line-up of USB 3.0 accessories. Aluminium, which is light, durable and has good heat conductivity, has been used to construct the X Drive.

PhotoFast has noted that 1.8-inch drives, which are commonly found on ultraportable laptops often get discarded once users upgrade their storage to larger capacities. These drives sadly call the dumpster their home because of the lack of suitable external drive enclosures, as well as the slow USB 2.0 standard, which chugs along at about 30MB/sec.

With these points in mind, PhotoFast produced the GMonster X Drive, designed for 1.8-inch drives. There are three variants available; one for 1.8-inch Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) drives or microSATA drives, one for 50-pin IDE drives, and one for CompactFlash (Type I) or CFast. A USB 3.0 controller sits inside the X Drive, effectively removing any transfer rate bottleneck. USB 3.0 is able to provide transfer rates in excess of 400MB/sec, way higher than any CompactFlash card or even a solid state drive.


PhotoFast claims that (and as far as we are aware) the GMonster X Drive is the only USB 3.0 CompactFlash card reader out there currently. In fact, we would say that it is also the only USB 3.0 enclosure available for 1.8-inch drives too.

A split cable (Y-cable) is included in the X Drive’s package in case additional power is required from another port.


Available in both black and white, the GMonster X Drive is expected to zip out of the factory around the end of September 2010. Retail pricing is still not known yet.


Detailed specifications next page.


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