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Philips unveils Digital PhotoFrame SPF5208

Philips Digital PhotoFrame SPF5208

Display your party or wedding photos with the latest Philips Digital PhotoFrame SPF5208. The 8-inch digital photoframe features Touch Control, which allows users to scroll through photos, videos and music with a touch of a finger. It also doubles up as an animated clock when you are not viewing your photos. Neat.

Remember your wedding day as you walked down the aisle? Or that crazy birthday party where your friends surprised you with an unexpected guest? Good times fly by in a blink but you can relive them anytime with a Philips Digital PhotoFrame™through precious photos and videos. On the other hand, the Philips Digital PhotoFrame™ makes a meaningful gift for friends, colleagues or family members for special life events such as weddings, baby showers, graduations and birthdays.
Research shows givers perceive a good gift as having emotional appeal which holds a personal meaning to the receiver, as well as meeting the receiver’s needs. Introducing the new 8-inch Philips Digital PhotoFrame SPF5208 which fits the bill perfectly. Elegantly designed with Touch Control, which allows you to scroll through your photos, video clips and music at a touch of a finger.
The Digital PhotoFrame features these technologies unique to Philips:
·         Imagen Pro automatically optimises sharpness, clarity and colours.  You will always look stunning on your wedding day, as if it was yesterday!
·         RadiantColour displays smaller photos in the optimal 4:3 ratio so there is no fear of losing the essence of the moment when your brother’s face was made to kiss the cake at his birthday party!
·         Can’t wait to show everyone your baby’s first steps? You can initiate automatic slideshows so no time is wasted in copying photos to your PhotoFrame.
Your Photoframe is also both user and environmentally friendly:
·         It instantly becomes an animated clock when you are not viewing your photos.
·         The touch sensitive border controls of your PhotoFrame makes it easy to scroll through your photos, video clips and music.
·         Your PhotoFrame is designed at minimizing overall environmental impact through lower power consumption and better recyclability.

The Philips Digital PhotoFrameTM SPF5208 is available island-wide at all key electronic stores for S$$229.

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