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Philips presents SHE9750 in-ear headphones

Philips SHE9750 in-ear headphones

Music lovers who enjoys music on the move would want to check out the new Philips SHE9750 in-ear headphones. The headphones feature soft gel technology that provides great comfort of wearing even after long hours.

Portable music players have become an important part of our lives; we use them on long rides, while shopping and even during exercise sessions to keep us going. With such long hours of use, comfort becomes increasingly important especially with the accompanying headphones.

Leave it to Philips to create a perfect blend of comfort and excellent sound quality – the SHE9750 in-ear headphones – with its unique soft gel technology that will leave you immersed in your music for hours, without having to suffer from pressure points in your ears.

The Philips SHE9750 in-ear headphones feature a soft gel housing that gently moulds to the shape of your ears, so say goodbye to the hard plastic and awkward feeling when wearing regular headphones. Sensitive ears can also rejoice with the ergonomically-designed Angled Acoustic Pipe that fits them snuggly and comfortably.

The perfect fit from the gel body and angled design leads to perfect noise isolation, giving you superb sound quality even when tuning at a low volume. The headphones come with three interchangeable ear caps from size small to large, for your selection for the perfect fit.

For added convenience, the SHE9750 comes with a carrying case to protect your in-ear headphones when not in use. The Philips SHE9750 retails at S$59.90 and will be available at all major retailers islandwide from mid-October 2009.

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