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Philips Launches New Range Of Notebook Accessories

Philips SPA4210

If your laptop’s built-in speakers are giving average audio quality for your music, videos and gaming, perhaps its time to get that portable notebook PC speakers. Philips has recently launched their latest range of notebook accessories which include the light and portable Philips SPA5210/97 clip-on notebook soundbar and the Philips SDC5100/10 Notebook CushionSpeaker. More info inside.

An exceptional sound partner
Watch your favourite movies and enjoy music with the Philips SPA5210/97 clip-on notebook soundbar.  The lightweight soundbar can be attached to the top of your notebook computer screen or use as a stand-alone speaker. Featuring rich bass and digital stereo sound, the USB cable also wraps neatly in the slot around the speaker, rather than dangling loose which helps to keep packing fuss-free. 
The Philips SPA5210/97 clip-on Notebook SoundBar retails at S$76.90.

Small packaging but big on sound
Save more space in your luggage with the Philips SPA4210/97notebook and netbook USB speakers. The hassle-free and USB-powered speakers offer 2.0-stereo and rich bass to enhance your listening pleasure. With its compact design, it has adjustable cable length to give you plenty of room to work on. To help keep your luggage tidy, the USB cable of these speakers wraps around neatly on the underside of the speakers as well. 
The Philips SPA4210/97 Notebook USB Speakers retails at S$63.90.

Sit back, relax and enjoy
Tired from the travelling? Lounge at home with a good DVD or check your emails comfortably with the revolutionary Philips SDC5100/10 Notebook CushionSpeaker. The CushionSpeaker has a flat top to hold your notebook PC sturdily while securing sufficient airflow to prevent it from overheating. Listen to your favorite music through its built-in digital stereo speakers that deliver exceptional sound quality. Surf at leisure with the soft cushion base that improves ergonomics for comfortable long use on your laps.

The Philips SDC5100/10 Notebook CushionSpeaker retails at S$122.

Of mice and men
The Philips SPM6800 features interference-free wireless connection, and can glide on almost any surface with its precise laser sensor. This wireless-notebook mouse comes with an scroll wheel and features a nano dongle for easy connectivity. It also comes with a low battery indicator which keeps you informed on when you need to replace the battery.

The Philips SPM6800 wireless notebook mouse retails at S$65.

Travel light with the Philips SPM5910 netbook mouse. Fits the palm of your hand, the mouse offers seamless scrolling and handy cable management so you don’t have to fuss around too much while packing. The compact mouse also ensures you can easily slip it into your bag or briefcase.
The Philips SPM5910 netbook mouse retails from S$53.

Heated up? Fret not!
The elegant Philips Notebook Sleeve comes with HeatProtect, a three-layered protection with a rigid surface which facilitates ventilation on your notebook so the heat generated by it will not make your legs feel uncomfortable nor damage your notebook. It also acts as a handy surfing surface in a departure lounge or on your living room sofa, combining a soft cushion for your lap with a hard top to give stability. Carrying your notebook around has never been safer with its suede-link lining and its rounded and rubberized zip to keeps your notebook scratch-free.
The range of Philips Notebook Sleeves retails from S$42 to S$79.
The above-mentioned Philips products are available at all leading electronics retail outlets.

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