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Philips launches new consumer and business monitors

Ray Zhuo, general manager of MMD Singapore, explained about the company MMD, the wholly subsidiary of TPV, and its relationship with Philips, and also mentioned that in 2010, TPV was the largest LCD monitor manufacturer worldwide at approximately 33% market share, and third in the production of LCD TVs. Zhuo also explained that even though the LCD TV can also hook up to the PC, the size is larger from 28 to 56-inch. MMD's focus is on LCD monitor whereby the screen sizes ranges from 15.6 to 27-inches, even though the technology, design, material, panel used are similar to that of the LCD TV.

Mayank Christian, director, Global Product Management for Philips monitors, MMD Taiwan, was also on stage to talk more about the new monitors from Philips, as well as the 3D LCD display and Philips ErgoSensor monitor. Christian also talked about the cross-sharing (though not all the time) of MMD and Philips in terms of display technologies.

"What you see here (the products and packaging) are all approved, tested, aligned and managed with and by Philips. And for technology sharing, in TPV we have our own research and development while Philips has their Lightframe and PowerSensor technologies which are incorporated in the monitors that are showcased today."

Christian also explained that the new ErgoSensor would only be available for the business monitors; the new technologies would usually be incorporated on the business, professional monitors before being introduced to the consumer line. And we would probably see the ErgoSensor technology for consumer monitors only in the next few years.

And more pics of the model with the new Philips LCD monitor:-

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