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Phil Spencer: ‘Halo’ news coming at E3, new unannounced Xbox One exclusive to release in 2014

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer gives an interesting response to a Twitter query, and assures gamers that Halo news will be shared at E3 2014.

Xbox One Halo - Master Chief 2

Corporate Vice President and Head of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer has recently revealed that Microsoft does indeed have an unannounced Xbox One title scheduled for a 2014 release. The announcement comes by way of a response from Spencer to a Twitter query that specifically asks if Microsoft is planning any more exclusives timed for a 2014 release:

This tidbit isn’t a total surprise as we’re still expecting a Halo 2 Anniversary HD remake to hit in the near future; alas no one is 100% sure what Microsoft has in store for Xbox One owners. There are a number of possibilities, including a brand new IP, however the Halo 2 remak seems the most likely bet at this point. As far as Halo goes, Spencer has assured gamers that news on Master Chief’s new adventure will be unveiled at this year’s E3 Expo, which effectively builds up hype for the Spartan’s return.

While it’s entirely possible Microsoft may just highlight the impending Halo 2 Anniversary remake rather than shed light on the next-gen entrant to the franchise, it would be a foolish measure not to introduce anything–especially considering the universal acclaim garnered from last year’s teaser.

Halo Monolith

It appears that Halo 5 may come in 2015, with another separate Halo game (quite possibly the Halo 2 Anniversary) releasing in 2014. It still remains unclear whether or not the “new unannounced Xbox One exclusive” will be a total surprise or be what everyone expects–an HD rendition of Master Chief’s quests against the Earthbound Covenant.

For now fans of Sierra 117 and the definitive sci-fi FPS franchise can tide themselves over with Titanfall, but I have a feeling that the gaming community will look avidly toward Master Chief’s return to the battlefield.

It’ll be interesting to see what “great plan” that 343 Industries has in place for the Halo news, and whether or not we’ll see more footage, screenshots, or an official title for the upcoming next-gen Halo game. It’s hard to think of Microsoft and Xbox without thinking of Halo, and so far the game has been markedly absent from the console’s core lineup–but all that might change in the next few months.

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