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Pentax unveils rainbow-coloured K-r DSLR with mouthful of a name

When it comes to churning out special, limitted editions of its DSLRs, probably no other camera manufacturer is capable of doing what Pentax has been churning out on a semi-regular basis. And it seems that the trend is not about to stop any time soon, for better or for worse; the Japanese DSLR maker has just announced yet another limitted edition run of its K-r DSLRs which come fully decked out in…you guessed it, a bright, rainbow-coloured body. Kind of makes you wonder when the fun will ever end for Pentax, no?

For most camera manufacturers, choosing a suitable colour for their DSLRs is usually a no brainer. After all, DSLRs are meant to look professional (even if their users are not), and the easiest way to accomplish this is to simply make their DSLRs available in any colour the consumer wants, as long as it is black. 

That being said, there do exist users who are willing to pony up good money for a camera body that comes with its own splash of individuality, and it appears that no ther camera manufacturer save for Pentax knows how to pitch its products to such a niche group of pontential consumers. After all, this is the very camera manufacturer that has been known to offer countless different 'limited editions' of its existing DSLRs that feature some of the most unusual paint jobs, and it seems that this trend is not about to stop any time soon now that Pentax has unveiled yet another 'limited edition' of its K-r line of DSLRs. Does anyone fancy taking a stroll down the busy streets of Singapore with this particular K-r slung around your neck?

Accroding to Pentax's product page, this rainbow-coloured K-r is the result of a tie-up with Tower Records Japan Inc and will be marketed as the TOWER RECORDS×PENTAX RAINBOW K-r (told you that its name is quite the mouthful). And if you are wondering why its name bears more than just a passing similarity with the earlier line of limited edition TOWER RECORDS×PENTAX RAINBOW Kx DSLRs launched last year, the answer is simple; the rainbow-coloured K-rs are supposed to be the 'follow-up' products to the Kxs.

Features and functionality-wise, there is essentially nothing which distinguishes the TOWER RECORDS×PENTAX RAINBOW K-r from a regular Pentax K-r DSLR save for the new rainbow-coloured spash screen found in the former.

Of course, with the TOWER RECORDS×PENTAX RAINBOW K-r DSLR being a special, limited-edition run of the standard K-r, it should come as no surprise that the rainbow-coloured K-r is not going to be the cheapest K-r available. Indeed, Pentax's product page reveals that the TOWER RECORDS×PENTAX RAINBOW K-r will retail with a slightly fatter price tag of 89,800 yen or approximately US$1,100. Even then, you wil have to move fast if you fancy getting your hands on one of these DSLRs, for Pentax has confirmed that only 300 such units will be produced for sale, and that interested consumers have only up to July 7 to pre-order their cameras.

In other words, you snooze, you lose.

Source: Pentax Japan via CrunchGear

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