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Pebble appstore baked into new iOS app

The Pebble smartwatch gets a dedicated appstore through its updated official iOS application.

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It was back at the International Consumer Electronics Show last month when Pebble announced that it would be launching a separate appstore for its popular smartwatch, the announcement was made alongside the unveiling of the steel variant of Pebble. Today the official Pebble appstore has gone live, available through the iOS application, it comes with over 1,000 watchfaces and applications.

Any Pebble smartwatch running OS version 2.0 is compatible with the appstore, through which users will easily be able to install and uninstall applications. There’s also a management tray through which users can keep themselves updated of what has already been installed on the smartwatch. The appstore contains six categories which include Notifications, Remotes, Fitness and Games, Daily Tools & Utilities, making it easier for users to find exactly the kind of app they’re looking for.

With the new Pebble appstore, users now have one official destination to get their app fix. Previously apps were available for this smartwatch, albeit through third party services. Available exclusively on iOS for now, the company says that the Android app will soon be updated with the appstore as well. New Pebble app for iOS is available for free from the App Store.

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