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PCMark04 is Out ! Download Now From VR-Zone

Futuremark has just released their latest addition to their benchmarking series, the PCMark04!

VR-Zone is offering a mirror for our viewers to download their own copy of the PCMark04. Check the Full Article for details.

PCMark04 is an application-based benchmark. It uses portions of real applications instead of including very large applications or using specifically created code. This allows PCMark04 to be a smaller installation as well as to report very accurate results. As far as possible, PCMark04 uses public domain applications whose source code can be freely examined by any user.

PCMark04 measures home PC usage. The workload is designed to stress the PC in the same manner as typical home usage does. The workload includes a test suite that gives an overall PCMark score as well as several component test suites that give individual scores measuring the CPU, memory, graphics, and hard disk drive.

Some of the tests run concurrently in separate threads. Multithreading is commonly used in software design to maximize performance and resource utilization. Lastly, PCMark04 includes the ability to define custom test suites that are tailored to your own specific needs. The user can choose various tests and compose them in multithreaded sets. This allows the user to model real-life usage where several applications running in a multithreaded fashion compete for PC resources.

Download Links (35MB)

US Mirror : http://www.vrzone.com/downloads/PCMark04/PCMark04.exe

Asia Mirror : http://www.vrzone.com.sg/downloads/PCMark04/PCMark04.exe

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