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PCIe SSDs in 2013 MacBook Air gives extremely fast read/write speeds

Benchmark tests confirm that the latest MacBook Airs are able to achieve SSD read/write speeds exceeding 700 MB/s, which is smoking fast.


Tests on Apple’s new new MacBook Airs, performed by French site MacBidouille, reveal that Apple is using the same PCIe based SSDs in these notebooks that they have announced for the upcoming Mac Pro desktop. PCIe allows for extremely fast hard drive transfer speeds, which exceed even the maximum rates of SATA 3 drives.

At first MacBidouille believed their results had been misconstrued by a software bug, but other testing software – and other tech blogs – confirmed that the results were true: the latest MacBook Air is able to achieve SSD read/write speeds exceeding 700 megabytes per second, which is more than double the cap of SATA 3 drives.

AnandTech’s test results

At such speeds, HD movies can be moved and transferred in mere seconds.

PCIe provides a direct interface to the motherboard, making it faster than regular transfer protocols, which first bottleneck hard drive speeds. The MacBook Pro is the first consumer electronic containing built in PCIe storage.

Solid state drives are moving towards de facto standards in notebooks. Though SSDs are often supplemented by higher capacity but slower traditional hard drives, the unparalleled speed boost they provide is worth some extra expense.

Where speed is concerned, Apple is definitely leading the market now. And if history is any indication, competitors will quickly follow.

Source: 9to5mac

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