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PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III 600W PSU Review

The latest addition to the Silencer series is supplied inside a white retail box with discrete, elegant artwork. Although the artwork is simple, the striking white color easily draws an eye’s attention. The packaging is very sturdy and more than capable of protecting the contents.

Inside the box the purchaser will find the power supply well secured with polystyrene foam pieces and wrapped inside a reusable white nylon pouch with the series logo printed on it.

Along with the unit itself, PC Power & Cooling supplies a standard A/C power cable, simple black cable ties, normal 3M mounting screws, a case sticker and a basic manual.

The Silencer Mk III 600W is a partially modular unit and therefore the company supplies a number of modular cables enclosed in a separate white nylon pouch. The Molex/SATA power cables are not sleeved but a ‘flat’, entirely black cable. The thicker PCI-E cables are normal, sleeved cables.

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