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PC Power and Cooling Silencer MKIII 1200W Review

The major difference between the Silencer MKIII and the vast majority of the power supplies available today is the color. With most power supplies being black or dark grey, the striking milk white color of the Silencer MKIII easily stands out. The chassis is a little longer than normal ATX units, being about 180mm deep, which is not too large for a 1200W power supply. Other than the color, the rest of the chassis is not any different than that of a common ATX power supply.

Large black stickers with the company and series logo cover both sides of the Silencer MKIII, acting purely as aesthetic decorations and not much else.

We found the sticker with the electrical specifications and certifications of the Silencer MKIII placed at the top side of the power supply, a natural position for any unit which has decorative stickers on its sides.

The rear of the Silencer MKIII is plain, with a honeycomb mesh covering most of the area and only the standard A/C power plug and on/off switch to be found.

The eight round modular cable connectors can be found at the front side of the power supply, as well as a hole where the native cables of the Silencer MKIII exit the unit from. There is no legend indicating which connector is for which cable, which might be a little confusing as the connectors are all round; however, you cannot insert any cable into a wrong connector, as the number of pins differs.

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