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Every heist, big or small, always culminates in a battle royale gunfight with police. When the bullets start to fly, its imperative to find cover and do your best to survive while dishing out damage along the way.

Throughout all of this, cops and FBI are showing up thanks to the triggered alarms. There’s no way to get around this; the police will always show up. It’s part of the game. Every firefight can be lethal and it’s imperative that you learn very fast to use cover to your advantage. You’ll have to hide a lot, and bravado only gets you killed. Since ammo is somewhat limited unless one of your team members has a ammo stash, you have to make every shot count.

The lawmen don’t give up easily, and they call in for backup quite often. You’ll face uniformed policemen as well as armored FBI and SWAT, who come in behind riot shields. Snipers rain down high-caliber fire from the tops of buildings or through windows, and the FBI come in with rifles and shotguns at the ready. Many times they sneak up on you and its important to guard the doorways and tell your team what’s happening, especially when the enemies group together.

After the drill has done its job, it’s time to move the jewels, or the cash, or sometimes even a stash of cocaine to the stash vehicle. These can vary from job to job, from a van in street-side heists to a boat at pier-side robberies, and usually there will be a last firefight before the team can make their getaway.

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Teamwork is the hallmark of any successful heist in Payday 2. Players must work together and communicate while forming strategies in handling the mission. Choosing skills, loadouts and deployables that compliment one another is a great way to work with your team, along with communicating with them through a headset.

Teamwork is Like a Well-Oiled Machine

The heart of every mission, be it a small robbery or a big safecracking stint at a local bank, is based on teamwork. Building a good team is essential for the smooth operation of heists, and there are many ways that players work together to provide a streamlined caper.

The basics of teamwork include assigning a role for every player, as well as being able to communicate with your team–this of course means a headset is essential. Every second counts, and it only takes a few seconds for a heist to crumble, so communication is key.

It’s also important for players to try to use weapons that are integral for their role, and to have a helpful deployable. Deployables are unlocked via the four main skill tiers–mastermind, enforcer, technician and ghost–and the most useful team-based deployables are the doctor bag and ammo bag.

Tailoring your weapon loadout to your assigned role can also improve your chances in a successful heist, however its best to pick a weapon that’s all-around flexible as missions are erratic and things can change in a moment’s notice.

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Oftentimes gamers will have to transport various cargo–whether it be jewels, cash or drugs–to a vehicle, then hold off incoming enemies until their getaway arrives.


All in all Payday 2 is a worthy successor to the original, expanding upon the frenetic mayhem that ensues during a high-stakes bank robbery while incorporating a dynamic array of skills, upgrades and loadouts. While the game is heavily reliant upon teamwork, every mission is an enthralling experience that keeps your eyes glued to your screen as you return fire on a barrage of well-armed SWAT operatives and try like hell to stay alive.

It capitalizes on the definitive high-stakes capers and heists that the first game offered and delivers that same dynamic blend of tactical strategy and FPS action to deliver a truly unique game. At its core, Payday 2 is an excellent game for hardcore team-based players who want to challenge both their wits and reflexes, and its leveling structure affords a huge amount of replayability.

Payday 2 is the ultimate heist game. Explosive FPS mayhem, challenging team-based gameplay and a huge offering of skills and guns. What more could you want?

+ Enthralling & invigorating gameplay
+ Emphasis on teamwork
+ Blend of FPS action and tactical strategy
+ Array of skills & weapon loadouts
+ Offers a unique gameplay experience
+ Expansive RPG-like level-up system
+ Substantial mission offering through Crime.Net

Singleplayer AI
No rewards for failed heists
Brutally challenging






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