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Panasonic Announces Micro Four Thirds Professional Camcorder

The blurring of boundaries between camcorders and digital cameras are fast blurring out with the advances made in technology, and Panasonic’s imaging products are no exception. The company has just announced its new professional interchangeable lens camcorder, the AF105, which makes use of the Micro Four Thirds standard for digital cameras.

The Micro Four Thirds may be a standard specially designed from ground up for digital cameras, but that apparently is not stopping Panasonic from thinking of various other ares where the standard could be used. And up next on the company’s lineup of Mnicro Four Thirds imaging products is the AF105, the world’s first professional camcorder to make use of the Four Thirds sensor.

According to specifications posted by Panasonic, the AF105 is capable of shooting high-quality AVCHD, full HD resolutions in either interlaced (60i/50i) or progressive scanning (30p/25p/24p) modes, and features two SD card slots for a maximum recording capacity of up to 12 hours. The AF105 also features professional interfaces such as a HD SDI output, XLR input capable of phantom power.

However, the main draw of the AF105 comes from its capacity to make use of existing Micro Four Thirds lenses from digital cameras. In addition, Panasonic claims that there will also be an adapter mount to allow for compatibility with various 35mm film or prime lenses to ensure the AF105’s versatility.

That being said, the company also made a disclaimer that it does not guarantee complete compatibility with all existing lenses or adaptors, so some user discretion is still needed when selecting lenses for the AF105/

Price-wise, the AF105 does not come cheap: according to Engadget, the camcorder’s price is set at ¥837,900 or approximately S$13,350 and is expected to be launched for sale by December this year.

Source: Engadget

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