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Panasonic Announces 2010 VIERA Flat-Panel TV Line-up

Panasonic has recently announced the launch of its VIERA series of flat-panel plasma and LCD TVs for 2010. The new line-up includes five plasma TV series (including one FULL HD 3D series) and six LCD TV series (two of them with LED backlighting technology).

Drawing on Panasonic’s latest, most advanced NeoPDP technology, new VIERA plasma models boast higher efficiency, better image quality and lower power consumption than their predecessors. They incorporate newly developed panels that use a new filter, new discharge gas, improved phosphor, and redesigned cell structure. The new NeoPDP technology dramatically improves basic image quality – for example, it boosts contrast and provides smoother motion images thanks to the innovative 600Hz Sub-field Drive technology.

VIERA LCD TVs use advanced IPS panels with a larger aperture ratio. Panasonic’s IPS LED LCD provides improved contrast, wide viewing angle and high moving-picture resolution, so that even fast-moving objects are displayed with superb clarity. This system helps render exquisitely beautiful images with enhanced depth and crisp blacks while reducing power consumption and allowing a slim product design.

FULL HD 3D Technology
Panasonic’s FULL HD 3D system uses the frame sequential method, in which separate full-HD images are displayed alternately for the left and right eyes. In synch with the images displayed, the 3D eyewear opens and closes left and right LCD shutters. The viewer’s brain then naturally reconstructs the separate images to create FULL HD 3D images.

This year’s VIERA models feature enhanced IPTV functions, a DLNA connection, SD Link function, and VIERA Link networking functions.

This year’s VIERA models feature enhanced IPTV functions, a DLNA connection, SD Link function, and VIERA Link networking functions.

With VIERA CAST, viewers can access certain Internet content by simply clicking a button while sitting in their living room. For example, users can view such familiar content as YouTube and Picasa directly on their VIERA TV. Connecting an optional camera allows Skype users to view the other party’s image on the large VIERA TV screen as they converse. Viewers can access other information too, such as news, weather forecasts and stock market information.

All VIERA TV models are equipped with an SD card slot. The 2010 models have the function to play MP3 format music files too. The background music and display effect functions have also been enhanced, so viewers can create more entertaining slideshows.

DLNA connection is also possible with VIERA. Digital data such as motion images and still images saved onto a PC can be played on VIERA through a home network. For example, motion-image contents on a PC in the den can be viewed on a VIERA in the living room.

The new VIERA line-up includes models that can be connected to an iPod and iPhone; these models come with an iPod dock for easy connection. VIERA’s graphical user interface (GUI) is designed to be as easy and stylish as the iPod. People can use their VIERA TV to listen to and view music, photos and videos on their iPod, and they can use the VIERA remote control unit to operate the iPod.

VIERA Link, which allows the VIERA remote control to operate devices connected via HDMI cables to the VIERA TV, has been enhanced for even greater flexibility. In previous home cinema systems, it was necessary to connect separate cables for audio and video signals from the TV. The new ARC (Audio Return Channel) function, lets you output the digital sound of the TV’s integrated Tuner to a compatible receiver through only one HDMI-cable.

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