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PalmOne Tungstun E Review

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One word: excellent! The T|E 320 x 320 high-resolution colour display is the same
gorgeous transreflective colour screen that supports 65,000 colours. Outdoors
under-the-sun viewing is good but to truly appreciate it, use the T|E indoors
where the sharp display would keep one in awe.

The brightness can be controlled (as shown in the picture below). However,
pushing the rider all the way to the left (towards the black area) would not
actually darken the screen to blackness. It can be done, but for some reason,
Palm did not allow it in their in-built brightness control. The Palm user who
finds the minimum brightness too bright can use a shareware called Dimmer which
can make the whole screen go dark (ie. disappear). This is indeed useful in
dark rooms (like cinema theatres), and would be gentler on your eyes, not to
mention kinder to the people around you too!

Left: Zire 71 with a screen protector added
Right: T|E without
screen protector

I installed a demo version of the quintessential game, Bejewelled!,
into the T|E to test how the colour comes out:

PalmOne Tungsten E Running Bejewelled Game

As you can probably see, the colours on Tungstun E is displayed very vividly.



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