Full Package Contents

The Tungsten E’s (T|E) packaging is similar to the Zire
71 – a fun, easy-going plastic wrapper! It comes with 2 CDs –
one for installation on Windows and the other for Mac. To bring down the price,
Palmone has decided to not include the universal connector for the T|E set,
using an AC round port for charging and a USB port for syncing instead (more
on that later). For the charging cable, Palmone is thoughtful enough to include
3 different pin adaptors for usage in different countries



Close-up of the PalmOne Tungsten E

Tungstun E is a looker. This time, the design department at
Palmone has decided to bring back the heady days of the M500-series –
not only is it good-looking, it is slim (1.2 cm) and light (131 g) as well.
Coupled with its attractive silver metallic design, the T|E will definitely
attract its fair share of curious (and envious) glances.

The stylus included in the T|E is fairly impressive –
metallic and of the right weight. Definitely much better than the plastic
stylus that was provided with the Zire 71. It looks like a Tungsten T stylus,
but not spring-loaded. The reset pin can be found by unscrewing the top of
the stylus.

Packaged PalmOne Tungsten E Flip Cover

Unfortunately, the metallic coating is just that – a coating.
Underneath the coating is plastic. This silver coating leaves a lot of unsightly
fingerprints, so frequent cleaning with a soft linen cloth would be necessary.

There have been grumbles from early T|E adopters that the stitches
on the included grey flip cover scratches the coating. A better bet for protecting
your T|E would be to get another case, be it hard or otherwise. Palm Singapore
has apparently stated that they would not do an exchange for any scratches
on the T|E. (Although Palm USA did say that they would look into it on a case-by-case

A comparison of the Zire 71, the T|E and the Palm Vx side by side


Thickness Comparison

We all know how important dimensions are for mobile devices.
The following pictures show the T|E stacked up against the Palm Vx, Palm Zire
71 and a Nokia 8310.

As can be seen from the photos, the Tungsten E is a clear winner
(with the exception of the Palm Vx, the difference being marginal)! Although
I did not have a Tungsten T or Tungsten 2 with me to make a photographic comparison,
the Tungsten E beats them hands down too.

Length Comparison

From Top to Bottom: Zire 71, Vx and Tungsten E

The Tungsten E is the longest of the 3 Palms, but the differences
between the 3 are negligible, and this probably wouldn’t affect the
comfortable-in-hand factor at all.