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Palit GeForce GTX 680 Jetstream 2GB Review


The included ThunderMaster OC utility is similar in layout and functionality to MSI's Afterburner and EVGA's Precision X, offering clock/voltage monitoring and adjustments and the ability to load/save profiles. Despite the use of a i2C capable VRM, the utility still interfaces with the Nvidia driver API which does not allow voltage adjustments (the Core Voltage setting in the illustration below only locks the 3D voltage at 1.175v, which hinders any meaningful overclocking).


Thermals / Overclocking

Methodology: We set the fans to 100% and looped Unigine Heaven 3.0 on extreme settings for 10 minutes and took the maximum temperature from the ondie sensor. Ambient temperature was 18 degrees.


Default Clocks: 56 degrees celsius


Overclocked (1228/1749MHz): 60 degree celsius


Frankly the maximum core overclock is a disappointment (ASIC quality lottery?), as we were able to get much higher (between 1280MHz and 1350MHz) frequencies on our other reference and non-reference GTX 680. We will check with Palit if they can send us another card to prove that it is just a poor quality die and not a problem with their board design.

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