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Overclocking the EVGA 8800GTX ACS3

Now, let’s put this altogether and slap the cooler onto the
EVGA 8800GTX ACS3 Edition!!! But what board to run this on?

My Cascaded and Volt-modded EVGA NForce 680i SLI!!


Now let’s do some Dry Ice runs! With -40C cooling, I got this
card to 842MHz Core, and 1240MHz Memory!!

What da hell?? 17,597 3D Mark 06 with just
single card?? That’s easily over what extremely overclocked
7900GTX SLI can get! Good stuff!! But…. time to go SLI yea??


I love this picture man, the solid container is so masssive
I had to use a wooden peg so she doesn’t snap the motherboard!!

22,799 3D Mark 06 with just 822/1240!!
In SLI Mode, it’s all CPU bottlenecked now, I need more CPU Power.
Like in Game Test 1, I get same frame rate at stock GPU clocks. More overclocking
to come for sure!

Remember, this was done on a pair of these babies:

Check out our review of the 8800GTX
and the EVGA NForce 680i SLI!

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