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Overclocking the EVGA 8800GTX ACS3

What do you do when you have a pair of EVGA 8800GTX ACS3 Edition? Do some High Def Gaming with all eye candy smooth as silk? Or would you prefer to play with some overclocking and churn out some mad frame rates?? All you want here… Cooling, Voltage Mods, the works!

What do you do when you have 2 of these babies sitting on your

Get some mad cap High Def gaming going!


Or get ready for some Overclocking fun. Now, these cards are
pretty challenging for third party coolers, as there aren’t that many ready
to be bought yet. So what do I do? First, I took a small copper chipset cooler
and mounted on with nuts, bolts and a small cut out plastic clamp plate.

Take note that the 2 holes are not directly centered over the
small chip, so I made the clamp plate a little fatter on one side to compensate.
There… will that do for cooling the chipset though? Yes, it’s more than adequate
these chips don’t run hot at all.

Next, I took some RAM sinks I got from UVnium and stuck them
onto the PWM area:


What about the core area? The core is huge with the heatspreader,
and the mounting holes are different from previous cards. The mounting hole
dimension is 58.25mm from center fo hole to center of hole, and a square around
the core. You will need 2mm to 2.5mm screws to pass through the mounting holes.

To do some nice Dry Ice/Liquid Nitrogen Cooling on the card,
I got my friend Vinnzz to cook me up some solid copper Containers:

So… what’s next?? Well I know many of you are messaging me
to get this out so here it is, the voltage mods for the cards!!

*Take Note that all physical Modifications Void your

First you’ve got your GPU Core mod:

Locate the Primarion PX3540 Core Voltage Regulator. Solder
a 400ohms to 500ohms variable resistor to the side of resistor seen above. Connect
other leg of VR to ground, and set VR to maximum resistance. Tune down resistance
to increase voltage.

For Memory voltage, spot the small AT regulator and solder a
20K ohms VR to side of resistor marked above. Or you can pencil it to increase

Here’s where you’ll measure voltages:

Default VGPU is 1.26v under load and default Memory Voltage
is 1.95v. Please be sure to have very good cooling when you voltage mod!

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