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Ouya plans to showcase 12 new titles at GDC 2014 including ‘Broken Age’ and more

To help spark interest in the affordable micro-console with the same name, Ouya will be demoing twelve new games for the accessible platform at this year’s Game Developers Conference.

Ouya GDC


Acclaim for the Ouya has been dwindling since the micro-console’s release last year, with the lack of content frequently cited as the general reason for its lackluster sales and reception.

Not so long ago the Android-powered system was seen as a breakthrough in innovation, and many believed it had the potential to shake up the industry as a whole with its open-ended structure. The Ouya’s Kickstarter raised over three million dollars, and at one point it was one of the hottest items across the gaming sphere.

Unfortunately as far as execution goes, the Ouya fell quite short of expectations. The idea of an affordable, open-ended platform with a free-based gaming structure is a novel one, but the real problem was the sparse gaming library. Devs had little to no incentive creating games on the device, thus leading to few exclusives–something that fuels any gaming console.

Now Ouya aims to remedy this by introducing a slew of new titles, many of which are exclusive to the small system. At this year’s GDC event, the company will demo twelve new games including Double Fine’s celebrated point-and-click adventure game Broken Age at Booth 316 on the show floor.

The full list of games can be found below:

  • TOTO TEMPLE DELUXE — Juicy Beast
  • DUCK GAME — Landon Podbielski
  • THAT DRAGON, CANCER — (UPDATE: Ryan Green and Josh Larson will not attend GDC 2014. More info below.) 
  • CASCADE — Fayju
  • LAZA KNITEZ!! — Glitchnap
  • THRALLED – Thralled Team
  • BROKEN AGE — Double Fine
  • WHISPERING WILLOWS — Night Light Interactive
  • KNIGHT & DAMSEL – MK Ultra Games

Ouya Black 16GB

This campaign might somewhat contradict the company’s recent ‘Ouya Everywhere’ initiative that brings select Ouya “softare and services” to various devices. If the plan is to bring Ouya’s exclusive games to, say, smartphones, there will be little to no incentive to play them on the Android-powered micro-console.

The company has assuredly thought of this and the initiative is more aligned in promoting a sort of ecosystem centered on Ouya content, which may effectively ignite interest in the small sable system.

Further efforts include the recent hardware upgrade to a 16 GB Ouya with matte-black finish and WiFi connectivity for $129. The system’s software–including the menu layouts and such–still remains a grievance that users face, but it seems that Ouya is on the right track.

It may be some time before Ouya carves out its own steady niche in the market, but these efforts may prove to be beneficial if handled correctly. The console definitely needs more games and exciting content to captivate gamers, but competing with other micro-consoles–like the Madcatz M.O.J.O and the Gamestick–as well as premiere next-gen consoles won’t be easy.

Be sure to head on over to Ouya’s official GDC announcement for more information on the games and what devs will be in attendance.

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