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Ouya Android game console hits Best Buy and Target in June 2013

The Android-powered Ouya game console has received so much support that major retailers such as Amazon and Target will also take part in distributing the tiny $99 game console.

Over 68,000 Ouya pre-orders are going to be shipped out in March; many of these early Ouya early birds are backers that helped fund the project with contributions of more than $8.5 million on Kickstarter. Target, Best Buy and GameStop will sell the console for about $100 and the gamepad for $50, while Amazon will take care of online shoppers. 

The $50 Ouya gamepad is pricey considering the console itself is only $100.  However, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman argues that the addition of a touchpad on the controller justifies the “premium price” in retail.

Uhrman pointed out that the Ouya was not created to compete with other major game consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation.  Rather, Ouya is an open platform console that anyone from developers to enthusiasts can mess with.  Moreover, the Ouya’s hardware capabilities will be nowhere near that of Sony’s upcoming PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox 720, hence, the $100 price tag for the Ouya. 

Pre-orders for the Ouya are currently being accepted on the company’s website.  Early bird enthusiasts/developers can have an Ouya by April if they put in an order on February 4.  The going price, as mentioned above, is $99 for the console and a controller, but an additional controller will cost shoppers an extra $30.  USA shoppers will have to pay $10 for shipping, whereas people outside the US will have to pay $20.

Source: Ouya via WSJ

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