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Outlast for PS4 gets a 11-minute walkthrough demo

Red Barrel’s stealth-horror game Outlast’s walkthrough demo is now online.

The game’s story takes place in a fictional setting called Mount Massive Asylum. The game revolves around the story of  journalist Miles Upshur, who is investigating a tip from an anonymous source that something fishy is going on at the asylum. The main goal in the game is to find a way to exit the asylum.

A unique element to Outlast is that users won’t be able to fight back against a horde of enemies. All that the game features is a “Hide” button that allows users the ability to hide. Users will have to navigate the labyrinth nature of the asylum while being chased by enemies.

“The core gameplay experience is about no combat,” Red Barrels’ co-founder Philippe Morin said. “It’s about having the player suffer.”

Outlast will be available this summer on the PlayStation 4 and Windows.

Harish Jonnalagadda
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