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Oppo N1 with pre-loaded CyanogenMod starts selling December 10 for $600

Oppo has made quite a few waves in the weeks leading up to the N1 formal intro, and now the buzz is back at heights, as the swiveling, camera-centric, CyanogenMod-running smartphone has a price tag and ETA attached to its name.


The good news? The waiting is almost over and you’ll be able to score the N1 come December 10 by visiting Amazon or Oppo Style in the US and the OEM’s local online stores in an array of European and Asian countries.

The bad news? It won’t come cheap, costing $599 stateside and €449 on the old continent. That’s outright, unlocked and SIM-free, whereas chances of North American carriers offering it with subsidies are slim to none.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would you cough up so much dough for a slab of silicon manufactured by a minuscule player in the global mobile landscape? Well, for one thing, because Oppo is more than ready to fend off the big fishes of the Android tank.


Their products’ build quality is in no way inferior to Samsung’s or LG’s, the design of this N1 is truly groundbreaking and their software support… let’s just say it’s unrivaled. The 5.9-incher is the world’s first handheld to run CyanogenMod out the box, the stock Android-based ROM that many have waived their warranties for.

Alternatively, you can opt for an N1 model powered by ColorOS, which is a less clean fork of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean developed by Oppo. In either case, the beast will come packing quad-core Snapdragon 600 heat (meh), 2 GB RAM (okay), a Full HD 5.9-inch IPS LCD screen (nice), 3,610 mAh battery (you can live with that) and, most of all, a 13 MP camera that swivels and rotates, being operational both on the device’s front and back.

Bottom line, this goes out to all the hackers and duck face lovers out there. Duck face loving hackers are even better.

Source: Android Central

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