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Opera 11.10 launched for all major operating systems

Another day, another web browser-related news. And this time, the vendor of focus is Opera Software, which has publicly released the latest version of their web browser, Opera 11.10, for download on all three major operating systems. So what new features does Opera 11.10 have that its predecessor lacks? Let's take a look.

Looks like Microsoft's days of being the de facto web browser provider for the world is well and truly behind them, especially with the large variety of competing browsers being made available for users at an alarming rate. With Google now offering background updates for its Chrome web browser and other browser providers such as Mozilla shrinking their development cycles for upcoming versions of their own browser, it will seem that Microsoft has indeed got its work cut out for its Internet Explorer web browser.

And today, it seems that yet another competitor has stepped up its game against Microsoft in the web browser market. Apparently, Opera Software has recently released the latest version of its Opera web browser, and the changelogs appear to be boasting some performance-related enhancements to Opera 11.10. But before that, here is a screenshot of the 64-bit binary of Opera 11.10, running on an x64 build of OpenSUSE Linux.

According to the chagelogs, one of the major enhancements to Opera 11.10's performance comes in the form of a more powerful Turbo mode. Now, Turbo mode in Opera is not a new feature; Ars Technica claims that the feature had already existed in builds of Opera stretching back for several years already. However, what distinguishes Opera 11.10's Turbo mode is the fact that the browser will make use of Google's WebP image compression to further reduce image sizes, thus allowing users with slow network connections to retrieve the image data at reduced times.

Another Opera feature that has been updated in Opera 11.10 is the Speed Dial, which now support greater degress of customization:

That being said, we were somehow able to consistently trigger graphical corruptions when using Opera 11.10 to post this news update. However, this might not be so much of a browser fault as opposed to poor Linux drivers, as it is understood that the older version AMD's fglrx driver used in our machine is rather buggy, and has been known to cause graphical corruptions for X window system. Considering that the Windows and OS X drivers a much better mantained, we do not expect users to see such corruptions on the Windows and OS X versions of Opera 11.10.

If that has got you interested, Opera 11.10 can be downloaded directly off Opera's website. And don't worry about our usual disclaimer about downloaded software mucking up your PC; this is because OPera 11.10 is every bit a stable release, or at least that is what Opera Software claims. So if you are unfortunate enough to have your precious data destroyed or wiped out from the installation of this release, you know which party to direct your wrath at (Hint: not Microsoft).

Alternatively, you can hit up the full changelog here to find out about additional changes and features included in Opera 11.10.

Source: Opera Software (via Ars Technica)

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