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Only 47% of people protect their privacy online

A new online survey by Microsoft has revealed that less than half of people have taken steps towards ensuring their security and privacy online.

Microsoft’s “On the Issues” blog recently released a posted detailing a survey they had conducted with 4,000 people online. The participants of the survey were split evenly between US, UK, German and French users. During the survey, 87% stated that they were concerned with online privacy, but only 47% of them had taken active steps towards ensuring that privacy.

The survey also revealed that the different countries had different attitudes towards revealing personal information. Sharing your birthday online is something 67% of the users from France were comfortable with, but only 56% of the US users, 48% of the UK and 47% of the German users reported that they’d be willing to share that information.


Microsoft has stated that the purpose of the survey isn’t simply to inform, but rather to research why so many people are concerned with online privacy while a significantly smaller number actually do something to protect that privacy. To make the survey easy to read, they’ve created an infographic, available to you right here:


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