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Omni to change the way gamers step into games


Could the Omni change the way games are moving?

Yesterday it was the ARAIG and today we’re looking at another incredible project that’s all about gaming immersion. Omni is a brand new gaming peripheral changing the way you experience your favourite video games, one step at a time. It works on a similar level to other omnidirectional treadmill’s or ODT’s. The Omni configures the moving platform to the walking patterns in the game to create an immersive experience as the player traverses their desired virtual plain.

Its Kickstarter crowd funding has already been successful with collection surpassing its original $150,000 goal. It currently sits at over $400,000 and the buzz online continues to grow. The Omni has already been snapped up by 150 early bird contributors for $349.

The lucky supporters will receive a fully-functional Omni with “natural motion interface” and all the correct gear including platform, shoes, belt and tracking hardware and software.

Lower tiers including support in T-shirt, shoes and DIY versions of the Omni. The higher tiers include multiple Omni’s for friends and custom wooden or steel Omni devices with personalised colours and branding of your choosing. Most of these incentives will apparently be delivered in September of this year.

The biggest problem for ODT’s is the necessity and the cost, but with this Kickstarter I could definitely see the Omni becoming a household item for gamers and fitness enthusiasts alike. The game has already been seen working with other VR technologies such as the Oculus Rift. While like the ARAIG, I could simply dismiss this as a big boy toy, the Omni could be a great way for gamer’s to get exercise or take a simple stroll in their favourite gaming landscape.

via Omni Kickstarter

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